Michi is an author, coach and serial entrepreneur specializing in AI, Networking and Cryptocurrencies.
Michi $ander
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Michi’s first publication, 7 Steps , has been downloaded by >848,600 readers and has inspired many great business ideas and strategies. How? Michi loves to stay in touch with his audience to nourish relationships and inspire feedback and discussions at Social Media.
Michi has a passion for sharing not only his success story but also of the pitfalls he has encountered. This motivated Michi to begin his speaking career and counseling practice for people all over the world.
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Mike Kaley, United States of America
Michi has continued in his pursuit of helping as many people as possible create generational wealth through smart ways as the legendary networking pro shares his surefire business tips with the rest of the world. With over 1,000  millionaire created by him, Michi is undoubtedly an authority in the affiliate marketing and his decision to share his knowledge and experience with others is more than graceful, to say the least. 
Michi & Lisa Sander met each other in Berlin, lived in Dubai and since 2018 in Las Vegas... and together this global power couple are inspiring people to lead an extraordinary life!

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